"Full Grid Electricity" Helps Open "Wealth Flower"

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Monday, December 4, 2023 at 5:55am UTC

"Full Grid Electricity" Helps Open "Wealth Flower"

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XUZHOU, China, Dec. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In recent years, State Grid Xuzhou Power Supply Co., Ltd. has been committed to building and upgrading power grid in rural areas.

At 9 p.m. on November 28, Zhang Shuaishuai, an employee of State Grid Xuzhou Power Supply Co., Ltd., received a call for help and came to the chrysanthemum planting base of Jiangsu YiAn Flower Co., Ltd. to eliminate a fault of frequent tripping of air switches caused by line breaking and grounding, so that four electric hot air fans and 60+ lighting lamps in the greenhouse could be restored to use, and chrysanthemums would not be damaged.

"The greenhouse has been in use for a long time, and the heat preservation effect is not good. At night, the temperature in the greenhouse depends on these equipment, otherwise the chrysanthemums will be frostbitten in a large area," said Hu Qing, head of Jiangsu YiAn Flower Co., Ltd., clutching Zhang Shuaishuai's hand.

It is reported that Hu Qing is a famous local "Chrysanthemum Fairy". Her base sells 30,000+ chrysanthemums a day, 90% of which are sold overseas, and whenever there is a power problem, the power supply company will come within 10 minutes to solve the problem.

In 2008, Hu Qing, a migrant worker, returned home and contracted 60 mu of land to build 20+ greenhouses to plant chrysanthemums. Because of inexperience, however, chrysanthemums were not growing well. "Only by controlling the key factors such as light, water, fertilizer and temperature, can the growth quality of chrysanthemum be guaranteed, and to achieve the above, electrification is the key." After investigation, Hu Qing decided to upgrade the existing greenhouse to electrified greenhouse.

In 2010, State Grid Xuzhou Power Supply Co., Ltd. set up a 250 KVA transformer and 900+ meters of MV and LV lines to send electricity to the field. Thanks to this, the greenhouse has added the equipment such as electric shutter machine, temperature control system, and water and fertilizer integrated irrigation machine, which shortens the growth cycle of chrysanthemum and increases its output. Around the Spring Festival of that year, the chrysanthemums in the greenhouse ushered in a bumper harvest, and Hu Qing earned nearly 200,000 yuan at one stroke.

Since then, Hu Qing has expanded the planting scale to 600 mu, built 50+ greenhouses and linked greenhouses, and 200+ steel frame greenhouses. Driven by her, the surrounding villagers have been engaged in chrysanthemum planting one after another. Caoqiao Town has formed a ten mile ecological corridor with Gudun Village as the core, with a chrysanthemum planting area of 3,000+ mu. In this process, State Grid Xuzhou Power Supply Co., Ltd. has strengthened the transformation of rural distribution network, built or transformed 50+ km of MV and LV lines, added 80+ distribution transformers, and used 40,000 KVA of electricity capacity.

In the past two years, with the help of the power supply company, Hu Qing has built drying production lines and fresh storage. Relying on the planting and processing system of "cooperatives + universities + farmers", Hu Qing developed 10+ series of products such as chrysanthemum tea, medicinal cosmetics and chrysanthemum essential oil, with an annual output value of about 50 million yuan.

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